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A range of accessories, charges, carry cases and more.

TP901 Antenna Cover Assembly

Replacement for broken or damaged Loop-a-Line (TX916) probe antenna cover.
A$10.00(excluding GST)
In stock

Pack of 5 croc clips

Three black and two red crocodile clips.
Connect these clips to the TX916 leads.
A pack of clips is supplied with each new TX916 kits.
A$20.00(excluding GST)
In stock

RD6000 240 Volt Charger

Power pack for RD6000.
12 volt 3.5 amp
A$85.00(excluding GST)
Not in stock

RD6000 Bag for Main Unit

RD6000 Black Bag for Main Unit Only without TX910 side bag and TS125 Remote bag. Telstra Serial No:005/134
Bag specifically designed for the Riserbond RD6000 instrument series
Carry strap
Durable material
Washable material
Easy access for RD6000 leads.
290mm x 180mm x 80mm
A$230.00(excluding GST)
Not in stock

RD6000 Battery

RD6000 DD Battery Pack
7.2v 4.5Ah NiMH
A$150.00(excluding GST)
Not in stock

S Hook and 19mm key ring

Hook and ring used for Loop-a-Line
A$2.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Probe Speaker Assembly Spare Part

The speaker assembly for the TX916 Loop-a-Line.
Use as a spare part for the TP901 probe - part of the TX916 Loop-a-Line Kit
A$24.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TX916 Plastic Carry Case

A hard case for Loop a Line Kit
A$25.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TX916 Operator Manual

Printed manual for the TX916. Price includes free postage.
A$4.50(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Probe Battery Door

Battery door cover for the TX916's probe
A$8.50(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Solid Antenna PP Assembly

Antenna machined from polypropylene
Harder wearing antenna than the standard injection moulded rubberised antenna cap.
A$20.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TS911 Oscillator Battery Door

Battery cover for the TX916's oscillator.
A$8.50(excluding GST)
In stock