Digital Line Testing Products

Digital line testing devices for the copper communication network for digital service.

TS125 Remote without Test Leads

Part No. 900 1777 125
The TS125 remote is the sender unit of the TX125 Digital Lines Test Set Kit
This remote unit will work with the RD6000 test set.
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TX125 Digital Line Test Set

Part No. 900 1776 125
The Teletech TX125 is an essential and practical tool for all telecommunications technicians. The TX125 is specifically suited to testing cable for the digital services network.
The TX125 consists of a Controller, Remote, and a signalling probe.
The TX125 has the ability to remotely open circuit and short circuit the line using signalling over the line under test. The TX125 connects the line through to the exchange after testing is completed.
Other features include:
• Ability to download and store pre-programmed automatic test sequences from a PC;
• The pre-programmed “PC download” test sequences include those for ADSL, Pair Gain Systems, and ISDN;
• Ten separate test categories;
• 1,000 test memory; and
• A clock and calendar keep track of when individual measurements are recorded.
• An unassisted operator working from the far end (up to 20 kms from sender to receiver) to remotely signal open and short circuit, with no time-out restrictions for unlimited periods, over the pair under test.
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