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A range of accessories, chargers, carry cases and more.

TX916 Operator Manual

Part No. 152 1752 916
Printed manual for the TX916. Price includes free postage.
A$4.50(excluding GST)
In stock

RD6000 Battery

Part No. 185 1163 600
RD6000 DD Battery Pack
7.2v 4.5Ah NiMH
A$150.00(excluding GST)
Not in stock

S Hook and 19mm key ring

Part No. 190 1146 000
Hook and ring used for Loop-a-Line
A$2.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TX916 Plastic Carry Case

Part No. 210 1180 916
A hard case for Loop a Line Kit
A$25.00(excluding GST)
In stock

RD6000 Bag for Main Unit

Part No. 210 1183 600
RD6000 Black Bag for Main Unit Only without TX916 side bag and TS125 Remote bag. Telstra Serial No:005/134
Bag specifically designed for the Riserbond RD6000 instrument series
Carry strap
Durable material
Washable material
Easy access for RD6000 leads.
290mm x 180mm x 80mm
A$230.00(excluding GST)
Not in stock

Pack of 5 croc clips

Part No. 363 1786 916
Three black and two red crocodile clips.
Connect these clips to the TX916 leads.
A pack of clips is supplied with each new TX916 kits.
A$20.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Antenna Cover Assembly

Part No. 810 1613 000W
Replacement for broken or damaged Loop-a-Line (TX916) probe antenna cover.
The Probe antenna cover is now made from a much more robust hard polycarbonate plastic.
TP901 Antenna Assembly (Specification) image/jpeg 0.3 mB
Part No. 810 1613 000W
A$10.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Probe Speaker Assembly Spare Part

Part No. 810 1781 901W
The speaker assembly for the TX916 Loop-a-Line.
Use as a spare part for the TP901 probe - part of the TX916 Loop-a-Line Kit
A$34.00(excluding GST)
In stock

RD6000 240 Volt Charger

Part No. 900 1837 600
Power pack for RD6000.
12 volt 3.5 amp
A$85.00(excluding GST)
Not in stock

TP901 Probe keypad

Part No. 155 1777 901
TP901 Probe replacement keypad.
A$10.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TS916 Osc case front moulding

Part No. 200 1410 916
Replacement front plastic case moulding.
A$10.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TS916 Osc case rear moulding

Part No. 200 1411 916
Replacement front case plastic moulding.
A$10.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TS916 Oscillator Battery Door

Part No. 200 1412 916
Battery cover for the TX916's oscillator.
A$8.50(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Probe Case, front

Part No. 200 1430 901
TP901 Probe plastic case front moulding.
Replacement for broken front case moulding.
A$15.00(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Probe Battery Door

Part No. 200 1432 901
Battery door cover for the TX916's probe
A$8.50(excluding GST)
In stock

TP901 Solid Antenna PP Assembly

Part No. 810 1614 000W
Antenna machined from polypropylene
Harder wearing antenna than the standard injection moulded rubberised antenna cap.
A$20.00(excluding GST)
In stock