Loop a Line Products

Cable pair tracing and a lot more, Loop-a-Line products can remotely control a far end device (the oscillator) for up to 20km of cable.

In a normal situation (without a Loop-a-Line) once a linesman has located a pair at the far end, he cannot make tests because the oscillator or tone sender is still connected at the other end. Thus either another person is needed at the far end, or the linesman has to travel to the far end to remove the oscillator before fault location can commence.

Using a Loop-a-Line allows the linesman to remotely change the state of the oscillator to any of five different states. Therefore eliminating the need for multiple journeys along the cable path.

TX916 Loop-a-Line Kit

Part No. 900 1780 916
TX916, the new improved Loop-a-Line for efficient telephone installation and repair.
The TX916 is ideal for new service installations and repairs. Cable faults will be found faster and service restored more quickly with the TX916 in the technician’s tool kit.
Using the Probe, identify the pair and control the line termination at the oscillator for:
- Open Circuit
- Short Circuit
- Connect Service
- 600 Ω quiet line
- Pair short circuit detection

For quiet line, the termination is 900 Ω in regions where this is the standard network termination.
The new TX916 provides the telecommunications technician with an instrument that cuts repair and installation costs!
The TX916 Loop a Line kit consists of an Oscillator and a Probe unit and two sets of test leads.

A single technician, working alone, can connect the Oscillator to the cable pair at the exchange MDF, street cabinet or distribution point.
The Oscillator starts in the ‘TONE’ mode allowing the technician to identify the pair at the Far End of the Line with the Probe. Extra Oscillators can operate on separate pairs of a cable and are identified by the different tones available.
1. Press TONE to identify the cable pair
2. Press OPEN to disconnect the line for Foreign Battery and Insulation Resistance testing
3. Press SHORT to loop the line for loop resistance,Resistance balance and Resistive fault location tests
4. Press CONNECT to restore the service
5. Press 600 Ω Ohm for a quiet line

One technician can work unassisted by using the probe to remotely control an oscillator
Eliminates multiple journeys along the cable path
Six mode selectable switching
Battery level indicator
Battery 9V alkaline IEC6LR61
LED low battery indication.
Short circuit detection, foreign battery reverse polarity on Blue test leads.
Weight and dimensions: 110g, 240mm x 35mm x 25mm

Mode 1: Tone (Pair I/D)Tone output 1kHz-2kHz
Selectable warble (default), continous, two tone beeps repeating and three tone beeps repeating.
Enable/disable buzzer for short circuit and foreign battery reverse polarity detect Max consumption, line pair short circuited and buzzer enabled=8.80mA
(70.5 hours, 580mAh battery)Tone output level into Line +9.1dBm into 600 Ω (Ohm)
Output impedance 600 Ω (Ohm)
Mode 2: Open Circuit
Current consumption approx. 0.75mA
Resistance between terminals > 1G Ω (Ohm)
Max open circuit voltage 500V dc
Line Balance: 54pF (black clip-red clip), 58pF (black clip-ground plane),
72pF (red clip-ground plane)
Mode 3, Mode 4: Short Circuit ( with or without ground )
Current consumption approx. 0.75 mA
Max short circuit current 2A
Resistance between terminals, <0.30 Ω (Ohm)
Mode 5: Connect Exchange
Current consumption approx. 0.75mA
Mode 6: 600 Ω ohm termination
600 Ω ohm cable pair termination, conguration for noise measurement or
900 Ω ohm cable pair termination, conguration for noise measurement.
Current consumption approx. 0.75mA
Battery 9V alkaline IEC6LR61
Low battery indication using low frequency beep
Tone receiver, loudspeaker or earphone output (<2000Ω )
High and low tone sensitivity settings
Tone receiver mode automatically powers off after 2 minutes. Max current consumption in tone receiving mode approx. 98mA.
Current consumption in other modes <1uA
Green/Red LED shows exchange connected
Weight and Dimensions: 130g, 200mm x 50mm x 28mm
TX916 Manual - SPANISH (Instruction Manual) application/pdf 0.6 mB
English language version of TX916 operator's Manual
TX916 Operators Manual FRENCH (Instruction Manual) application/pdf 1.1 mB
TX916 Operators Manual GERMAN (Instruction Manual) application/pdf 1.1 mB
TX916 LOOP-a-LINE Gebrauchsanweisung
TX916 Manual (Instruction Manual) application/pdf 1.2 mB
Manual for TX916
TX916 Brochure (Brochure) application/pdf 0.7 mB
Brochure for TX916
A$625.00(excluding GST)
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TS916 Oscillator without Leads

Part No. 810 1610 916
The TS916 oscillator is used as part of the TX916 Loop-a-Line kit.
The TS916 oscillator is also fully compatible with previous models of Loop-a-Line.
A$380.00(excluding GST)
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TP901 Probe without Lead

Part No. 810 1620 901
TP901 Probe without test lead.
Part of the TX916 kit.
The Probe antenna cover is now more robust with a hard polycarbonate plastic cover.
See TX916 kit for full details on functionality.
Low battery indication using low frequency beep
High and low ( - 6dB ) tone sensitivity settings
Green/Red LED shows exchange connected.
35mm x 24mm x 245mm
Battery Life >50 hours
A$295.00(excluding GST)
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TS916 Oscillator with Shrouded Leads and Clips

Part No. 900 1792 916
The TS916 oscillator is used as part of the TX916 Loop-a-Line kit.
The TS916 oscillator is also fully compatible with previous models of Loop-a-Line
A$435.00(excluding GST)
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TS916 Oscillator with Retractable Leads and Clips

Part No. 900 1797 916
FOR EUROPEAN USE. The TS916 oscillator is used as part of the TX916 Loop-a-Line kit.
The TS916 oscillator is also fully compatible with previous models of Loop-a-Line.
A$441.00(excluding GST)
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TX961 Co-axial Cable identifier

Part No. RDTX961
The TX961 is a small hand held instrument that enables the identification of a co-axial cable within a bundle of cables. The TX961 is non-intrusive and does not interrupt data on the cables being traced. The TX961 is ideally suited in tracing co-axial cable within multi-story backbone cabling installations.
Typically, the TX961 is used in buildings and exchanges to track and trace co-axial cables. The TX961 consists of a two part kit, an Oscillator and a signalling Probe. The Oscillator TS961 has two LEDs. One LED flashes continuously when the unit is switched on and the other LED glows when the battery is low (low battery indicator). Additionally, the oscillator has a special clamp lead. The removal of the clamp lead from the TS961 automatically turns the instrument off. The TS961 has a very low power usage and a battery will last approximately 200 hours of continuous use. The Probe TP961 has six LEDs. One LED is used to indicate if the unit is switched on. The other five LEDs operate to indicate signal strength. By referring to the LEDs an operator can use the TX961 in noisy environments.
A$750.00(excluding GST)
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